Europa eyewear is a Chicago based optical company that creates original designs for all of their collections.

It is next to impossible to pin a label on the Cinzia Collection. It is actually easier to describe what it is not. The collection is not run-of-the-mill, not typical, not something you will see on everyone else coming and going. They are as far from boring as you can get. What the Cinzia line does offer is frames that are bold, colorful, avant-garde, and always trendsetting. They are sophisticated with a decidedly edgy twist. They are uncompromising in their attention to detail and craftsmanship.

From basic and traditional styling to elegance and sophistication, this collection of everyday eyewear is most appealing to the mature consumer. The Côte D’Azur Collection combines state-of-the-art coloration, and excellent fitting properties to make these eyewear styles both dependable and exciting.

For those looking for thin eyewear, the Adin Thomas Collection consists of light weight plastic and metal frames all with spring hinges. This collection has a large variety of different shapes, styles and colors for both men and women.

The Scott Harris Collection features both traditional, unisex styling and the ultimate in high fashion designs for those seeking a unique look. All Scott Harris models are constructed from the finest components available, including spring hinges from Germany and Japan, and a wide array of base metals from Japan.

Burnished metals and acetate in muted colors combine with old-school silhouettes to present a vintage feel. A modern aesthetic is achieved through the latest technology, providing lightweight, long-wearing comfort. Scott Harris Vintage, It’s the best of both worlds for men and women.

Drawing inspiration from the growing market of male baby boomers needing more generous sizes, the Michael Ryan Collection targets men looking for more choices in cutting-edge style without sacrificing comfort. This high-quality line features styles in titanium as well as metal with plastic temples and spring hinges.