A project that was born trying to create the best screwless hinge
Since its inception, lool has recognized itself as a multidisciplinary design studio where different profiles collaborate with a common goal. Once we meet our goal of creating the best screwless hinge, we focus on designing and producing creative frames that are functional and lightweight.
We are creative design studio. Multidisciplinary team
lool is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Barcelona. Our team is born from the mixture of different disciplines such as advertising, branding, design, fashion and journalism, which allows us to have a unique and fresh vision in the field of optics.
Built in Barcelona. Inspired by our city
Barcelona has always had a great tradition with industial design, graphic design and architecture that continues to this day. We want to continue being transmitters of that tradition with our designs to continue pushing and projecting our city as a creative reference in the world.
Built to be last
We believe that every designed product should have a long lifespan. That is our way of being sustainable, working with the best raw materials creating greater durability in our glasses. Buy better, keep them longer.

With a thickness of 0.5mm and a minimum weight of 4gr, our glasses are designed not to create discomfort marks on the nose after wearing them all day. CROMALYT® Beta Titanium is the result of our determination to innovate and develop new technologies. The perfect balance of new materials and a new patented hinge. Stainless Steel Sandvik 11r51 austenitic stainless steel with excellent flexible properties and high durability. 8gr of weight and 0.5mm of thickness built in one piece and designed to avoid discomfort marks.


Our frames gets its personality with the use of multiple colors designed to match your face, style and personality.