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    • Eye health exams and refractions to determine your proper glasses prescriptions

    • Retinal photography to identify and follow medical condition

    • We treat and prescribe medications for indicated medical conditions, and have a close working relationship with Ophthalmology for referrals when indicated.

    • We are associated with Specialty Eye Insitute and do initial Lasik evaluations, exam, and post-op follow-up visits.

  • We have the ability to customize rimless frames for any shape patients might like.

  • We pass on all manufacture warranties and guarantees at no additional charge.

  • Our specialty is hard to fit contact lens patients.

  • We accept VSP, BCBS, BCN, Premier Care, and Davis insurances.

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Like most things in life …

The first priority in providing quality eyecare is giving careful, exacting attention to each  patient’s individual needs — not trying to make their eyeglasses in an hour.

In our office, every patient is treated as a unique individual, not as a “mass consumer”. This is how we want to provide eyecare and, we believe, it is this kind of personal eyecare our patients want and deserve.

We offer another important advantage to our patients. We do not own or operate our own optical laboratory. We use a top quality outside laboratory employing dozens of skilled technicians and using state-of-the-art computerized equipment. Every pair of eyeglasses they send us has been inspected at every step of manufacture (Note: there are 57 separate steps in manufacturing eyeglasses).

When these glasses arrive in our office, they receive our own careful inspection to make sure they are exactly what we ordered.

What do all these multiple inspections mean to our patients? They mean our patients receive nothing less than the finest quality eyewear possible to produce. Any glasses received from the laboratory that are not exactly what we ordered are returned immediately to be made over.Since we don’t own the laboratory, there can never be a temptation to use lenses that are even slightly off from our specifica­tions — or lenses that do not perfectly fit the frame.

We like this system of multiple inspections be­cause we believe it is the kind of care our patients expect for their precious eyes.

Does this mean you have to wait 3 or 4 weeks for your new glasses as some optical stores claim in their advertising? Absolutely not! The laboratories we use provide their finest quality, custom-made lenses in just a few days, not several weeks. Further, when there is real need, the laboratory can produce lenses in one day. With transportation time to and from the lab, this means 3 day delivery is available for most prescriptions when needed.