More than 80% of sensory and environmental information processed by our brains comes from vision, with the majority coming from the periphery. With Free-Form digital lenses that require no head or postural pointing, there is no peripheral distortion.

Only Shamir and our office use 100% Free-Form lenses because they are the only lens providing edge to edge clarity without having to turn your head. This lens requires taking measurements in 5 different meridians and is accurate to 1/100 of a Diopter of power.

There is a lot of confusion concerning digital lenses. Digital refers to the machines that surface the lens and not the lens design. Free-Form is the design with the prescription placed completely onto the back of a specialized single vision lens blank. Every other lens uses semi-finished blanks that have been molded. Over time, the mold slowly degrades adding imperfections and decreased clarity.

A bespoke pair of lenses, holistically created for each individual prescription and frame is only possible ti-reflectwith Free-Form digitally designed lenses. When you couple this with the finest antireflective coating having both hydrophobic and oleophobic qualities (water and oil resistance), you get unparalleled vision and a brand new way of seeing without having to pay extra!