Dr. Paul Uslan and his wife work there as a great team. The have the best eyeglass selection I’ve ever seen. The price are excellent. I have gone to Dr. Paul Uslan for over 20 years. He and his wife Georgia provide the best service. I love Georgia’s style. She helps me pick the more beautiful glasses. I can’t wait to go again.


I had only used drug store reading glasses before, and I recently got my first pair of perscription glasses from Dr. Paul Uslan. I was very impressed with the thorougness and expertise of both Paul and his wife Georgia. From the first eye exam, to picking out frames, to making necessary adjustments, I could not be more satisfied with their friendly and competent service. I felt I was in the hands of professionals who knew their stuff and also cared about me as an individual patient. I would recommend them to anyone and already have to friends.

Jonathan Ellis

This is the place for the best selection of eyeglasses in town. I have been going here for several years and am never disappointed.

Linda L

Dr Uslan saved my eyes. I had been using contact lenses for a while but my providers never explained or stressed the importance of regular hygene or standards of care. I saw the doctor at a time when my eyesight was beginning to suffer from neglect and he set me straight. Good guy. Thumbs up.

Edward J

I’ve been going to Dr. Uslan for several years and he is by far the best eye doctor I have every had. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Georgia is super great and helpful and has a real eye for which frames would look best. Frame selection is excellent too. I couldn’t be happier with the whole process, the exam, the service, and the glasses.


I have never had so thorough an eye exam ever at any other office as I had at Dr. Uslan’s office. He is very patient, pleasant, and really takes his time to make sure that my vision is accurately corrected. Accurate vision is essential in my profession and I couldn’t be more pleased with my glasses. He has a good selection of frames and his wife, Georgia, always finds a frame that enhances my looks. This office is a real find and I would recommend it to anyone.

Dr. Robert F.

I am totally pleased with the care I’ve received from Dr. Uslan since first visiting his office a few weeks ago. A long time contact wearer, I’ve suffered intermittent but persistent eye problems over the last three years. I’ve been to eye doctors at four separate practices, but none have come anywhere close to properly diagnosing the problem.

Dr. Uslan took the time to do a very thorough exam and to explain exactly what he saw happening in my eyes. Instead of just giving me an antibiotic, then slapping me in new contacts the following week, he really helped me understand what was happening, and why the contacts that I’ve been wearing for the last few years have caused and then exacerbated the problem. He seemed genuinely interested in my well-being, rather than just my insurance dollars, which is completely the opposite of my last experience with an eye doctor. Once my eye problems cleared up, he fitted me with new contacts and glasses, recommending that I order the full year of contacts because if I have to make a change – as I did when I started seeing him – he will exchange the unused lenses. That’s more than I can say for http://Lens.com or any other place where I’ve bought contacts.

There’s a reason this guy has been in practice for 49 years. My fiance has subsequently been in to see him, and came home with very warm and positive things to say. I’m glad to have found such a great physician on the first try!

Elizabeth B.